I was so excited about the starting my own blog, I could not sleep last few nights.

I’m a lot like many of the bloggers I follow worshipers, who served as teacher, graphic designer, or small business owners (and in many cases blog DIY god). I have been following some religious talented woman staggering in the last few months. I was inspired by what I’ve read, and I hope that maybe I can inspire other people also.

This will certainly be a blog DIY type. Do not get me wrong. After spending a day with a toddler, whose husbands support Bamm Bamm-I care so I can install beadboard in the bathroom is what I like.

This blog will mainly reflect the most passionate I … furnishing, design, DIY, thrift store shopping, and frugal living. I hope every once in a while to be able to contribute something unique and valuable to the online community, I’ve grown addicted to love.

I can not imagine not doing what I love – to create something special and working with my hands. I want to build a bookcase and wood furniture which need brad nailer to produce it.