Dewalt DCN692 Nail Gun

Last year we introduced you to something new and interesting; which is the world’s first second repair Gasless nail frame. That is Dewalt DCN690 and you can read reviews here.

Since the release of 690 Dewalt was busy listening to feedback from our customers and work to improve their ground breaking stuff; and now they think they are! Dewalt was pretty sketchy, with the release of information about the DCN692 nailer but we’ve managed to scrape together some titbits here and there and can bring you this exclusive preview.

Dewalt DCN692

Like its predecessor never DCN692M2 joining strip reliable and Dewalt XR and runs off a battery 4.0Ah XR. It also boasts a brushless motor, which gives it more power and longevity than an equivalent brush.

Dewalt was 692 speed control that does not exist on DCN690, so you have the users can choose how fast you want to fire the nail gun. With functional and a combination of 4Ah battery runtimes which gives you incredible, and the brushless motor, the ability to shoot 1,000 DCN692 nails per charge of the battery and it is hard to believe for a charge.

Another benefit of running out of battery 4Ah course XR your battery is compatible with li-ion XR range Dewalt 18v whole, so you can put your pin to good use on a multitude of various tools.

DCN692 engine to the user’s ability to shoot a 90mm anklet nail into softwood and hardwood 63mm at it’s impressive for a machine of this kind.

But the real party piece of gasless inter Dewalt nail gun is the consistency of performance at various temperatures. Those of you that are on and off your nail guns throughout the day and year will no doubt be well aware of the pain they cause in very low or high temperatures. Winters and Summers (even in English) is not consistent with air brad nailer and you may at some point or another has sat there with a gas canister between your legs try to warm it up just to get it to fire.

With a full battery operation, you do not get the no consistency in performance due to a slight change in its temperature. Whether -15 degrees or 40 degrees up in Scotland (as) down in sunny Cornwall, DCN692 you works exactly the same. The lack of air also means cleaning and general maintenance or maintenance will be reduced to a minimum.

The Dewalt 692 will be availble in two options, either as a body only or with 2 DCN692N li-ion battery as DCN692M2.

We know that many of you asked for a complete nail gasless Dewalt XR and although we do not have a solid update to bring you, I can say that it is being worked by the geeks designers over at Dewalt and as soon as there is news we will be the first to bring you that!

So it’s nail gun Dewalt DCN692 forthcoming, then you will get yourself one? Do you think gasless is the way to go in future for the nail gun? Let us know by commenting and remember to share with your friends fanboy Dewalt using the social buttons below.

Finally, I want to let you know that there are also many brad nailers at the website for more your researching.

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