How to Troubleshoot a Paslode Framing Nailer?


Paslode Framing Nailers are one of the top-rated nailer products on the market. They provide enough power, have minimal recoil and are well-balanced. They are able to work on natural timber, composite and other materials. As with any framing nailer reviews, however, you are bound to run into some questions. Try troubleshooting your problems on your own before you call a repairman.

  1. Make sure you have not run out of fasteners if the nailer fires and no nail has been driven. A nail jam may also be preventing the fasteners from moving forward. The owner’s manual will have information on how to clear the nail jam (see link in References). If you have a cordless nailer, it may need to be cleaned.
  2. Remove the fuel and the battery. Clear any jammed nails from the nailer if it makes a “Poof” sound when you fire it. Check to make sure the driver blade is in the down position. This is necessary or the tool will not fire. Once you have the battery and fuel out of the nailer, push the driver blade all the way up (into the nailer) and test the tool. If this does not solve your problem, you may be using the wrong fasteners.
  3. Use the 5/32 hex key to remove the two screws on either side of the work contact if you need to remove a jammed screw from a cordless framing nailer. Make sure to remove the fuel, battery and remaining nails first. Hold the work contact with one hand and grasp the bottom of the magazine with the other. Pull the two away from each other; the magazine should separate from the nose. The jammed nail should fall out at this point. Push the driver blade back into the tool and put back the two nose screws.
  4. Keep away from any open flames or heating elements as you examine to see if your fuel cells are still usable. Hold the fuel cell straight up. The black metering valve should be on top. You will need to push the white stem on the black valve against a hard surface about 5 times. You should see a puff of fuel coming out each time you do it. If it only comes out the first 2 or 3 times, the fuel cell is old and you need a new one.
  5. Remove the cap and grill to inspect the red and black fan motor wires if the light on the handle of your cordless framing nailer is flashing red and green. This means the electrical system has gone into overload protection. There might be a malfunction with the fan motor or the wires going to the fan motor. See if the wires are pinched or broken. If this is not the problem, disconnect the small white connector on the wire assembly that leads to motor, and then put it together again.
  6. If you are going to clean your tool please use paslode degreaser. Other cleaners (carb cleaner or brake cleaner) will work faster but the paslode is designed not to fry your electrical components. I have replaced many $75 parts because someone decided to clean their tools with brake cleaner and fried a motor or an electronic spark unit instead of forking over another $2 for a cleaner engineered to do the job. After cleaning be sure to push the driver all the way out and oil the sleeve and oil your seals. If you use your tool regularly you shouldn’t need to oil your Impulse tools. The fuel cell contains a small amount of oil so the tool is lightly oiled weary time it is fired. If you don’t use it regularly then just drop a few drops in around the fuel stem and actuate the tool a few times.
  7. Misfiring or dry firing. This means the tool fires but no nail comes out. First things first…check your nails. Generic nails are rarely the 30� used paslode and will not pick up properly. Some generics work better than others but to make sure use genuine Paslode. I’m not thumping for Paslode but the Impulse framers are sensitive to angles. Also only use paper collated nails if you are using generics. Make sure the tape is nice and straight and isn’t crinkled. If your nails get wet they will bunch up and leave pieces of the tape and glue in the magazine and the nails won’t feed properly.

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