Nail Gun Tips

As┬átime-saving tools go, it’s hard to beat the pneumatic nailer, also known as nail gun. But before you run out to get one for the DIYer in your list, you need to know the type.

Nail Gun Tips

For projects such as decorating, panels, and cabinets, you want a brad nailer or finish nailer. A brad nailer shoots 18 nails from 1/2 of 1 meter and 1/4 in long. At about a hundred dollars, a brad nailer is a great all purpose or starting gun, and if you need to drive nails slightly larger or longer, a finish nailer will not spend charge more.

For project framework, you will need to up the ante to about $ 200 for a framing nailer. The shoot tip flat frame through two-by-fours in a fraction of the time and effort it takes you to do it with the best hammer frame.

Whatever your choice, the compressed air gun, so do not ever you’ll also need a compatible compressor to power up your new nail gun.

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