PORTER CABLE FR350B Framing Nailer


The Porter Cable FR350B is pneumatic framing nailer. This framing nailer is lightweight and powerful. This nail is packed with many great features. Contractors and homeowners should try to frame this nail. Choose FR350B Porter Cable is a great choice for both DIY homeowners and professionals alike. 3.5X0.131 inch drive into the wood stud frame is the most difficult to complete tasks with ease, whether you’re hanging shelf in the garage, building a deck or building a house.

Weight And Dimension:

The size of the nail frame is 21.65 inches in length height and width 14.76 5 inches. The total weight of this frame is 7.3 pounds of nails. This slightly larger spikes in the market which is the lightest frame nail so that it can be easily used by anyone.

Drive Depth Adjustment:

This nailers drive depth is tool free it can adjust without the need of any tools. making this very user friendly.

Pneumatic Nailer:

This is a pneumatic nailer Nailer means this frame provided by air. To nail this activity, you will need a compressor, but this stud will allow you to continue to use this tool without having to worry about recharging or refueling.

Reload Alert System

Nail this frame comes with a new feature called “low-key nail” means it to users when they need to reload the magazine. This feature is super helpful especially when you are working away from your old nails.

Magazine And Nail Type:

The Porter Cable FR350B framing nailer can hold up to 60 nails. And its work with nails for 2.5 inches up to 3 inches.


This nailer is lightweight only 7.3 pounds in weight.

Its comes with a grip handle its comfortable and feels great in hand.

You don’t have to worry about jamming cause this framing nailer is jam free.

To avoid the risk of misfiring it has trigger lock system.


⚠ Although the manufacturer announce that this framing nailer works with 22 inches degrees collated nails but actually works with 21 inches nails.

⚠ This nailer is not so much heavy but its rather large framing nailer volume-wise especially its length bothers a lot.

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