Ryobi 18 Gauge Cordless Nailer Review

If you plan to do any amount of work remodeling, you just have a brad nailer. My test for Must-Haveness: alternative work less well, or near, the tools that you believe you have to have?

For example, a wet tile saw is indispensable when making a room or tilework. The alternative – cutting bricks snap – does not come close. Miter work? Sure, you can cut your crown and cut by hand in a hat box. But the speed and accuracy created by an electric sawmill left in the dust caps gearbox.

For nail trim, it’s possible, but extremely difficult to nail by hand. I’ll go one further and say that nailed cut by hand is a pain in the rear, and the results often look like junk. But with an extraordinary person, you press the trigger, you hear a short buzz compressed air tools, and then Pop! in nail that goes. No splitting. No contact with the head.

Ryobi 18 Gauge Cordless Nailer Review

Cordless Visits the World of Nailers

What we’re not talking about is a compressed air framing nailer, tool-like wakes you up on Saturday morning because your neighbor is placed on an additional worker and likes to appear in 06: 30. It’s a different tool.

What we are talking about is a measuring wire brads nail gun bearing 18 that comes in long narrow strips. The brads meant for work ends, trim, crown, baseboard. Anything that it is important first to sink.

This cordless brad nailer is provided by ONE + 18 volt lithium ion battery pack of Ryobi. It announced layoffs of 60 brads per minute, with a capacity of 105 nails magazine. However, due to feature its Dry Fire Lockout, which prevents the nail from the nail shot four or more eventually to extend the life of the tool, you can correctly say that possibility is something like 100 nails.

Fires brads nails from 5/8 “to 2”. It comes with two strips of 1.25 “brads. In case you’re wondering, this also happens to be the length suitable for most types of decorations that you can be installed.

How Well Does It Work?

Is the kind of impatience, my opinion about any tool always identified quickly on how I can get it up and running – without looking at the instructions. Bosch tools are famous for being dead simple. Ironically, the worst set I was involved a utility knife, everything. Ryobi tend to fall somewhere in between – except that this tool has proven to be extremely easy to get running. I opened the box it at 11:27 am; by 11:38, I fired brad my first test on the door of my workshop. Eleven minutes! It has half the time, if not because of battery problems (more on that later).

Sixty nails per minute, they say? I tested its speed prior consultation with the product specifications, and my speed is correct in a second. I was able to do this with drivetrain features of the tool.

With sequential actuation, you put nails, pull the trigger, fire, and back to square one. Drivetrain, you keep the trigger depressed and move the nail down your work. Immediately after the plastic Not Mar Pad depression about your job, automatic firearms. Faster but less accurate than sequentially pushed enough.

This tool easily nailed trim, as expected. But how reliable is it? I was able to face the nails 1.25 “brads into 3/4” oak hardwood flooring red, sinking heads and everything. This is not the intended purpose of Ryobi, by the way. But it is an indicator of that tool can do if pressed into service difficulties.

I appreciate the limited number of features on the nail gun reviews. It’s a simple tool that does not have many bells and whistles confusing. Really the only thing to learn is:

  • Adjustable depth of drive. Rotate the wheel in one direction or the other to make the nails deep or shallower.
  • Dial atmospheric pressure. Days back, this dial controls the air pressure inside, giving you more or less force.
  • Selector mode. Mentioned earlier, this is the switch between sequential or contact pushing enough.

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