Top 3 brad nailer reviews

The smallest type of brad nailer which mainly use 18-gauge nails. Brad nailers are designed for use on light decoration (top left), mold crown (right), and baseboard (bottom left) as well as for some fun pictures of a game wall at the interface between layers and an adjacent wallprojects as picture frames and assembling furniture lighting. They are not really designed for heavier cutting attachments.

Wen 61720


The WEN 61720 brad nailer is a cheap but reliable especially suitable for first-time users of nails. Although the quality of the material it was built slightly below the specifications of Air Brad Nailer, Wen 61720 to expensive models, it has been designed with a comfortable rubber handles and exterior lightweight aluminum. It can be provided on the air pressure is relatively low (50 psi), so a compressor lower specification can be used. The Nailer comes in separate cases of its own along with the oil and adjusting tools. This tool can use your favorite brand of brad nails as long as they are 18-gauge. The only exception to this is the maximum 2 “size nails, in which small changes between different manufacturers can mean 2” nails that are slightly too large for the magazine WEN. Bostich and Harbor Freight 2 “brads perfect match in WEN 61720 but others (such as those from Porter-Cable’s) not – trial and error is required for the brand 2” nails. The nailer also has an adjustable depth of response, and use the tools on the decorations usually not leave marks on the surface other than where the nail had entered from the front it is great for the job finish although care must be made to work very delicate.

Hitachi NT50AE2


The NT50AE2 is a 18-gauge lightweight brad nails from a manufacturer renowned power tool. As with other nailers, it features depth adjustment dial to control the depth of the nail position without having to adjust the specifications of the compressor Air Brad Nailer, Hitachi NT50AE2 pressure. But the clock is more difficult to access than other air nailers making it vunerable to being stuck in its extreme settings – you have to be careful not to push too far rotation. Unlike some other brad nailers, NT50AE2 have a selector switch that allows or for single shot nail with each press enabled location or a professional rapid fire nails allows quick location simply by nose clamp pressing against the part of the work. It comes with one end marked to avoid unwanted marks for exquisite decorative work, a pair of safety glasses as well as the adjustment tools, all the tools contained in the case itself. Hitachi has not been designed to accommodate all the magazine’s brand of 18-gauge nails lead to jamming more often, but this can be resolved by the end slightly bent nail to push it without the opportunity to go up on the nail. There is nothing like a video to get a sense of how it works!

Porter-Cable BN200C


This 18-gauge brad nailer is a very reliable tool that has a magnesium shell makes it lightweight and, unusually, does not need oiling. It comes with its own protective case and it has a nose without marking specifications Air Brad Nailer, the Porter Cable BNC200C for delicate cutting. As with other nailers, it also has a thumb-screw adjustment near the trigger deep. However, it should be noted that, as is, it does not have a feature bump so you can not set it to shoot nails quickly by pressing a nose clip.

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