What Is a Framing Nailer Used For?

Framing nailers are used to attach materials to wood during construction. The speed and ease of use makes a framing nailer a necessary tool for carpenters.


The nail gun has revolutionized the construction industry. Many types of nail guns are now employed in every type of construction. While some have been using nail guns for a while now, many people are still new to the functions and benefits of this great invention. Once you have decided to try or buy a nail gun then you need to think of the proper use and care required. Nail guns are expensive but pay for themselves in just a few days of heavy construction.

  1. Types

Gas powered and pneumatic framing nailers are used commonly in construction. The gas powered nailer is equipped with a fuel rod and uses a battery as the power source to drive the nail; a pneumatic nailer is powered by an air compressor.

  1. Features

Most framing nailers have a depth adjustment for the nails. Pneumatic models often have a movable exhaust port so that air does not blast the user in the face. Certain models allow the user to switch from continual nailing on contact to a single action mode.

  1. Function

Some framing nailers attach metal joist hangers and straps that allow for the exact placement of a nail. A bestĀ framing nailer can drive 6d, 8d, 10d, 12d or 16d nails and is used for nailing non-metal building materials.

  1. Considerations

If you do not feel like lugging around a heavy compressor, then a lightweight, gas-operated framing nailer works best. Those who intend to use the framing nailer for large projects should opt for the powerful pneumatic framing nailer.

  1. Benefits

Framing nailers are beneficial for remodeling homes with plaster walls because hammering sends repeated shock waves that loosen plaster. These nailers are also helpful for attaching furring strips onto the ceiling joists or other overhead work, which is difficult with a hammer.

If You Are Installing a Floor Then You Need a Framing Nailer

The framing nailer is often referred to as a framing gun or a nail gun that meets code standards. One of the best attributes of the framing nailer is that it gives the surface where the wood meets the nail a nice hand crafted look with only a fraction of the work. Obviously, any type of nail gun is going to require a little practice if you’ve never used one before. You need to fire a nail or two into a test piece just to get a feel for whether or not there is a lot of kick to it. From there, you are free to create a professional grade job in a fraction of the time.

If you can get a good load, especially a gun that offers a two strip magazine for loading more nails, you set yourself up for a nice and easy session of aim and fire, so to speak. The gun that offers a reduction in marring, easy toe nailing, as well as eliminating the need for nail starting then you have found the framing nailer that is truly going to make your life easier.

Whether you’re handy around the house or are considered to be a professional by all accounts, the right framing nailer is an imperative tool that can be one of the crux tools to your success. They come in lightweight versions to make it more comfortable and easy to wield, which means that everyone can use them.

Your choice of magazine on your nailer can be the determining factor when it comes to how tightly you can get into corners. You can opt for the longer, full nail head magazine, the clipped head magazine, and the coil magazine for loading nails. While the full head nails make a nicer impression on the wood surface, its size is often the detraction for many consumers.

Easy to use coil magazines might be able to get you into smaller spaces but are less popular. Finding the nails to load the magazine with can be difficult. The full head takes up the most space while the coiled magazine can get your framing nailer into tighter spaces.

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